Hurricane Florence, September 2018

Updated: Feb 3

Disaster struck on September 18, 2018, when Hurricane Florence hit our home in North Carolina. I was out of the country for work, and my wife and son fled the storm. We had a neighbor look after the home in our absence. They told us the home looked fine; it was only missing a couple of shingles. They were unaware of the water leak from one of the missing shingles due to never entering the home. It would be another two weeks before we could get back home, due to road closures from flooding. Our insurance was reluctant to pay for the damages because of the length of time before discovery of the leak. This was not our neighbors' fault as they were not trained professionals and did not know what to look for. I felt like I needed to do something in order to protect others from having this happen to them. That is when I decided to found Kinsman Home Watch, LLC.

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